Post Sale Services

A proactive and responsive management and services team emphasising on satisfaction of each individual resident takes care of the post sales services which includes:

  • Property management in terms of staffing, maintaining and operating the buildings and its systems.
  • Maintenance and preventive maintenance that includes timely inspection of buildings.
  • Upkeep of swimming pool, common area, health club, landscape and gardens.
  • Community services management.
  • Billing services management.
  • Relationship management with the customers to assess the quality of life in the buildings.

A detailed view into our property management services:

  • Round- the- clock security of the premise.
  • Lights and fixtures of the common areas, lounges, Gym and other facilities.
  • All water bills and electricity bills for common areas like elevators, pumps etc.
  • Various expenses and contract charges incurred for motors, pumps, lifts etc.
  • Any repair related concern for the common areas, pipelines, corridors, external/ internal commons to the buildings etc.
Temple Bell